Logo Editing

Logo Panel

1. The Logo Picker

  1. Enable Logo and set to Custom at Admin → Extensions → Templates Manager → rt_oculus → Features.
  2. Set Logo Picker to either RokGallery or MediaManager.
  3. Select your logo, Insert and Save


Select Logo

2. Manual Change

  1. Enable Logo and set Type to Oculus.
  2. Upload logo.png and logo-icon.png to the
    /templates/rt_oculus/images/logo/ directory
  3. Clear your browser cache and refresh.

If you cannot

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Installation Instructions


The following is a guide that covers how to set up your new Oculus template on your Joomla! site. Here you can find an overview of the files included in the Oculus release and instructions on installing and activating the template in your Joomla! install.

Note: The Bundle Template is only necessary if the Gantry Library is not installed at /libraries/gantry directory.

Step 1 - Installation

  1. Install from Admin → Extensions → Extensions Manager
  2. Browse for

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Tutorials and Guides

Oculus for Joomla is a RocketTheme Joomla Template Club release featuring the revolutionary Gantry Joomla Template Framework. Gantry is a comprehensive set of building blocks that enable the rapid development and realization of a design into a flexible and powerful web platform template.

To configure the template, navigate to Extensions → Template Manager → rt_oculus. Mouseover the labels to view a description of each parameter.

Menu Options

Dropdown Menu

RokNavMenu is the core of all the powerful Oculus menu system. Please ensure you are using the latest version of RokNavMenu, available here.

Dropdown Menu

The Dropdown Menu is an advanced CSS drive dropdown menu system. It offers advanced structural features such as multiple columns, inline icons and text, inline modules and positions, custom column widths, item distribution and menu offset. All of these are configurable for each menu item.




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Template Typography


All HTML headings, <h1> through <h6> are available.

h1. Heading 1

h2. Heading 2

h3. Heading 3

h4. Heading 4

h5. Heading 5
h6. Heading 6

Built with Less

The typographic scale is based on two LESS variables in variables.less: @baseFontSize and @baseLineHeight. The first is the base font-size used throughout and the second is the base line-height. We use those variables and some simple math to create the margins

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Module Variations

There are 10 stylistic module class suffixes which provide a unique style variation to the module: title1-4 and box1-6. The box4, box5 and box6 suffixes can be combined with rt-horizontal-gradient and rt-vertical-gradient suffixes; and all box suffixes can be combined with rt-text-dark or rt-text-light suffix. There are also rt-basic and rt-bevel suffixes; and various additional structural suffixes, these affect the layout and metrics of the module.

Furthermore, you can also add FontAwesome

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Mihaela Cucereşte Argintul şi Aurul la Campionatul Naţional de Atletism Seniori şi Tineret - Etapa Finală şi Cupa de Cristal / Bucureşti – Februarie 2015 !

Între 14 şi 15 Februarie, Sala „Lia Manoliu” din Bucureşti a găzduit Etapa Finală a Campionatului Naţional de Atletism / Seniori şi Tineret şi Cupa de Cristal - Bucureşti 2015.

Acest sfârşit de săptămână va rămâne unul memorabil, având în vedere că odată cu desfăşurarea competiţiilor de atletism a fost făcută şi inaugurarea Sălii „Lia Manoliu’, ceea ce a transformat întregul eveniment într-una din cele mai frumoase

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